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Blesser La Beauté is a private wine label started by Briah Banks in 2018. Her passion for Wine started early in college and grew over the years.

We launched Christmas 2020 and SOLD OUT in 3 days.

Blesser La Beauté means Hurt Beauty this wine label was created to help others to feel wonderful about them self and understand those hurt moments that happen in life can turn into something wonderful. 

Our mission is to cater to those who need a listening ear or shoulder to lean on that is why on the back of each bottle we have a hotline number for our customers!

Sometimes when drinking we run to toxic people causing us to repeat bad habits. Blesser La Beauté is here to help you overcome those bad habits or continue to keep you on the right path to success!

Our wines are created with some of the best grapes and each bottle is made with love and understanding.

So grab a bottle and cheers to new beginnings ! 






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